Installation of agricultural machinery in the province of Trento

Chini has been engaged for nearly thirty-five years in the production, installation and subsequent maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery. Our story began in 1983, when the then 18-year-old owner Ferruccio Chini, a mechanics enthusiast, began to be interested in machinery maintenance and repair. Soon, creating and designing mechanical tools for work in the family orchards became his hobby. His construction of tractor loader blades soon became a bigger, production-line of blades and other agricultural tractor attachments for the local community- making Chini a real point of reference in the field.

A passion becoming a craft

His passion and dedication year after year, means today the company boasts of an impressive body of work and years of experience, endorsed by leadership on the national and international market and confirmed by a constantly updated team of professionals. Today we are able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers from tool customisation, to new design, with the sole aim of delivering quality, accurate and highly functional work.

Chini's winning philosophy

The cornerstone of the business philosophy at Chini F. is the aim of creating tailor-made products for farming customers. This objective is achieved through a continuous relationship with the customer, pre-requisites for the construction of the agricultural machine and a working relationship between the parties that is so integral to the post-sales service we deliver.
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